Miliary tuberculosis is a form of tuberculosis that is characterized by a wide dissemination into the human body and by the tiny size of the lesions (1–5 mm). Doctrine provides a common frame of reference across the military. Cats will have a very itchy rash and may lick, bite, and scratch at the affected skin. We expose the most common entities. We present the case of a 57-year old female patient with an acute progressively worsening of neurological symptoms up to the loss of consciousness. miliary synonyms, miliary pronunciation, miliary translation, English dictionary definition of miliary. Classic miliary TB is defined as milletlike (mean, 2 mm; range, 1-5 mm) seeding of TB bacilli in the lung, as evidenced on chest radiography. A 26-year-old woman presented to our medical assessment unit with a 2-week history of breathlessness and cough. 2. Miliary cerebral metastases (or carcinomatosis encephalitis) is a rare form of cerebral metastastic disease 1.. As with the use of miliary description in other conditions, the appearances are of innumerable tiny, punctate nodules, in this case scattered throughout the brain. miliary: [ mil´e-ar″e ] 1. like millet seeds. Chest 1985; 88: 285-286. Military doctrine is the expression of how military forces contribute to campaigns, major operations, battles, and engagements.. Nodules often calcified/ossified. Having the appearance of millet seeds. Its name comes from a distinctive pattern seen on a chest radiograph of many tiny spots distributed throughout the lung fields with the appearance similar to millet seeds—thus the term "miliary" tuberculosis. Mert A, Ozaras R. Clinical importance of miliary pattern in the chest X … 1. Associated with chronic mitral valve stenosis. Pulmonary Hemosiderosis. Feline miliary dermatitis is a general term used to describe a skin condition in cats that most commonly results from an allergic reaction. It helps standardize operations, facilitating readiness by establishing common ways of accomplishing military tasks. It is a guide to action, rather than being hard and fast rules. Curull V, Morell F, Fort J, Espinel E. Dyspnea, fever and miliary pattern. Miliary tuberculosis has a high mortality rate, which requires prompt diagnosis and treatment (answer to question 1 is a). This condition indicates an exceedingly poor prognosis . The most commonly affected areas include the lower spine, around the base of the tail, face, ears, neck, flanks, and belly. She was a lifelong non-smoker and had kept a parrot for many years. She was in type 1 respiratory failure with oxygen saturations of 87% and PO2 of 7.8 kpa breathing room air. Nodules predominantly in middle and upper lung. Miliary tuberculosis (TB) is the widespread dissemination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (see the image below) via hematogenous spread. A chest radiograph showed multiple nodules in a miliary pattern (figure … Aims: A heterogeneous group of conditions comprising more than 80 entities may display miliary pattern. 2. characterized by the formation of lesions resembling millet seeds. Miliary pattern of nodularity less common but has been described. Define miliary. A miliary pattern of brain metastases refers to a widespread dissemination of innumerable small punctate lesions. adj. Miliary pattern consists with the presence of multiple small (usually 1 to 3 mm in diameter) nodules in the lung with sharp margins. Initial miliary pattern may coalesce to progressive massive fibrosis much like silicosis. Introduction: Miliary shadows in the lung are not uncommon and are seen in a wide variety of diseases. Talcosis.
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